How fashion influences design


In my first ever column three years ago I wrote about how fashion influences design. When I saw this breathtaking image of the talented Elle Fanning in Rodarte at the Premiere and Cannes Opener of “The Dead Don’t Die” (which alone should win best title. Ever.), I shuddered in immoral pleasure. Sherbet and apricot with a dash of lavender. Why of course. It takes emboldened balls to believe you will knock it out of the park on that iconic carpet amongst the greatest beauties and most brilliant talents of your time. This kind of picture moves my design soul into action. Mostly by elevating it. Pushing it. Plowing through my senses and tickling my creative spirit. The way the dress falls reminds me of the Louvre’s Greek “Nike” cotton shift: It floats, it flows, it flutters, it fans, it flies. Elle is Spring eternal. “Diaphanous Demeter” would be a concept I would execute in a warm country where tangerine and lapis would mingle side by side in the shade of a fig tree. Anyone?