An Unfinished Vignette

Oct 26, 2020 | PLACE

Since you have shown love for my unfinished vignettes, here is another one. Curtains are not up, chandelier is in flux, and my bespoke coffee table of my design from a sculptural piece of cedar driftwood I picked out from my lake, has yet to replace these lovely ones which will eventually go downstairs. I go to sleep thinking about the chandelier that could, should and would do best to replace this one. I do love scale but I crave organic materials more in this home. Thing is I am getting accustomed to it now..when lit it reminds me of a soft excoriated moon rising. I have lusted for a Noguchi, a Tilda, and recently a new paper Barbara Barry lantern, because I can’t afford an Ingo Maurer, an Apparatus or a Lindsey Adelman. It’s so vexing when I find myself stumped in my own damn design and mired in an obvious shortage of funds. I swear this happens to me in order to feel what others feel when confronted with four uninspiring walls and restrictive pocketbooks. What makes me sharper for clients sadly fritters my brains for my own home. Even the art is in flux in my spaces. I have yet to finish the grain lifting of the ash arches, but I am not completely flustered yet as I have quarantine time coming my way. The fine Belgian linen panels, yet to be hung, may be used as canvases for a photosynthesis treatment of ferns using an age old moon trick. A designer’s home has to be their laboratory, as well as the perfect padded-wall lair to hide the madcap scientist from full view. When all this will be said and done..for five minutes, I will shoot it in winter. It will suit the palette.