And so another lockdown begins… our nest has been layered and padded one loving touch at a time. This breakfast nook took longer than most as perfect bistro tables apparently do not exist. After I had a Vermont wood turner sculpt me three perfect oak legs to make my first prototype yet to be unveiled, I found this unique rusty hot rolled steel table shopping for Christmas tree ornaments. The purchase of the velvet Ikat cushion was inspired by the patterns and hues of Brendan Burden’s Fancy Pigeon series.

The creamy hide on the banquette was chosen to complement the lighter tone of the sequoia marble slab of the kitchen island. I thought this was an unfinished vignette until I saw it through the lens. I do have a itch to add my soon to arrive double articulated swivel, pierced leather shade sconce with a twisted silk cord… but as Chanel would say: “Less is more”. I wish you all a very happy Easter, and pray that this is the last holiday we miss spending with our loved ones.