A friend on a visit from Los Angeles asked me why I haven’t posted more pictures of our house. It isn’t finished was my reply. The fact I face daily may be that a designer’s house is probably never going to be finished. My point in time where I come close to acknowledging it is, is when my homes are professionally photographed. Would it surprise you if I said I do not know if my imprint has succeeded until I see it through another’s lens? What could not be finished by this vignette you ask. I designed the mantelpiece and had it carved and installed by a landscaper. I had the surround plastered by a master from the South of France. The rattan light by a rockstar just went up. I want to match the plaster and curtain linen on the walls and chose the color “duveteux” by Sherwin.
The bigger piece is the bathtub. This is the very last remnant of the old house. The one piece I did not have a say in. I have been offered the opportunity to bring in my own plumbing favorites and design a whole corner in a store and the one find from New York via LA via Australia I am most excited about? A concrete bathtub. I had samples sent and am seesawing between clay to match the architecture of Sienna in this painting, or green to meld into the 17thc Flemish tapestry. Not seen in this picture are the two green wooden columns perched on carved limestone plinths from a church in Provence that I found in Alabama. What would you do? What color would you choose? The entire point of my Bliving Room is to make it as chameleon like a room as possible. The magic trick would be to make a bathtub look like a piece of furniture. Be my magician. Wave your wands and TELL me. I am listening.