Bold. Brazen. Beautiful. These are hard epithets to claim for oneself or one’s work, but today the sun is shining and no humble brag will cast a shadow on what I am so proud of. Our entry is one inch away from being finished. A custom made console personally designed will finish it off. Unfinished vignettes are a pleasure to put out there to you my friendly and faithful followers as your comments and kudos, thumbs up and high fives have truly given me wings this last year. When trades were laying the tiles and building the arches I would try and make them visualize the completed room, so as to encourage them to put their best efforts in, by explaining that this foyer would be papered in naked women. I’m not sure if they believed me, but it certainly gave them a smile and renewed interest in what they were about to accomplish.

As a woman designer, a single mother and advocate for female representation in any industry, it was important that I leave one incontrovertible stamp that said I was in the building and what I stand for. The painterly language was picked to pull out the ink drawings in the tile as well as the watercolor sediment flow in the sequoia kitchen island slab. The main lines in our home were all picked to bolster “striation”. From the walnut dowels to the lobster-trap cane lights, from the ebonized grain of the ash arches to the brushstrokes on the Roman curtains, from the marbling in the sconces to the symbols in the Berber carpets, lines upon blurred lines that symbolize to me the blending of my family, the ending of one life and the beginning of another.