Brutal Incongruity. Who woulda thunk. She did. That genius Kelly-West-Coast-Woman follows her own path, dares her own dreams, spins her own stunts, and it works. It always always works. How she pulled the Proper Santa Monica off was going to a neutral palette and then tear up the rest of the rule book. No straight walls, one hundred textures, a million details. There is no deeper thought process in the business. No one comes close. Here is a creative in full flight at the height of her career, she is one of the rare designers whose spaces make me emotional. The other one is prodigy Athena-East-Coast-Woman. There was a time not long ago when our world was purely led by men in this industry. The emergence of a softer touch, a more personal approach, has given us the opportunity to realize there is such a thing as universal comfort. Where all genders are welcome, feel seen, safe and represented.