From Me to We

Sep 4, 2020 | PLACE

My bliving room is still not done, and now, only God knows if and when it ever will be, and when or if that will ever matter to me again. Self Isolation is really an eye opening exercise. It is as if Mother Nature put us in timeout to think about what we have done, where we went wrong, and how we can change our behavior in order to set things right again if we are lucky enough to get a second chance at righting our wrongs. I am feeling very, very guilty. When I look around and see all the beauty that only a few have. When I roll over and see a partner when so many are alone. When I open the fridge and take out food that is as fresh as it is scarce on so many tables. When I play board games with the children I was gifted who have the joyous insouciance of the healthy and beloved. Being surrounded and satiated in stillness and silence has brought about a new angst. There are so many suffering. Our world is suffering. Was it at our hands that we brought this upon ourselves? That we are bringing mankind to its knees? Is this pandemic going to finally peel our barnacled retina and see our kinfolk, see the distress we have put them in and then ignored as we went on with our warmer, safer, healthier lives? I sure hope so. I hope this makes us go from Me to We and that we never look back.