“Haute Austrian”

Sep 6, 2018 | PLACE

There are a few sad things I see in hopeful but hopeless design and one of them are mantelpieces that go nowhere. A fake is a fake is a fake to riff on a quote by the lovely Gertrude Stein. I would like to briefly talk about indirect lighting too here. This type of lighting includes the atmospheric table lights and sconces with shades as well as swivel recessed lighting that hits walls versus your eyebrows and nose bridge creating a hollowed-out gaunt look that no one under the age of 25 could pull off. I was very proud of my first grown up sofa in white linen and it nearly survived 3 kids and a dog until one ill fated July 1st party last year. The cushions were made from fabrics I sourced in Tanzania and Uzbekistan, and the darling painted butler tray came from a little antique store out of a garage in Westport. The Khal Mohammadi carpet was found with 3 others in London by Angus and Malcom from the Canadian Rug Traders and sets a very lush and regal tone to the more relaxed pieces around it. My prized 19thc English Screen was a find in Miami that I had to outfox from Lenny Kravitz. Long story.