How to Hustle 101

Feb 17, 2021 | PHILOSOPHY

Part of any business is the hustle. I believe great MBA schools should all have « How To Hustle » 101 all the way to 401. I believe some believe a hustler is born not bred. I believe our children have a leg up on us already. I believe in exploding the square and exploring the spheres. This cover is a mock-up. A pitch to the magazine I am honoured to creatively work for. It is of my work. My team put it all together, proper size, font, even placement and date of code bar were thought of. Opportunistic to the max we put the titles of the two stories I either wrote or was featured in. We made it as alluring as Scheherazade. Nepotism and Hustle are cozy bedfellows. Even then success is not assured. It was for this Winter Edition. It had a very fair shot. We lost the cover. It helped that the actual winning cover was a delight. The point being is this: at some point in time, in your career, in life, it is important to put your best self out there: to show them what YOU see in the mirror. Go take that great self talk you’ve been working on and strut it. Like Travolta swaggering down the Big Apple Macadam in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. With a bucket of paint in his hand. Know what he is doing? Staying Alive.