Luxe Magazine has really elevated the game in the Capital of Canada with their Christmas Cover. Absolutely love the chocolatey canines and crisp pops of red.

Over the next days I hope to entice you to buy and share the issue as well as visit the Clarendon with my delivery here of some of these pics my trusted friend and interior photographer Marc Fowler took this summer. As I am known to pick a book by the cover and first paragraph, without further ado I give you the introductory paragraph of a piece that made me dig very deep inside me. It was no easy task to write about an inside view of the restaurant scene without feeling like I overstepped my position as designer and more importantly partner of Peter, muse to my latest story and owner of the above mentioned restaurant.

“A successful restaurateur is a mix between a shape-shifting number cruncher, an agile tightrope acrobat with aerialist aspirations, an eagle-eyed pit bull with balls of steel and a refined epicurean of unknowable depths. These creatures often work in the shadows, rarely get the accolades nor, to be fair, the scathing reviews their chefs do. It would not be a stretch to say that our world would be tasteless without them”.