Kelly Wearstler has gone and done it again

Sep 14, 2019 | PRELUDE

Kelly Wearstler has gone and done it again. The just opened Proper Hotel Santa Monica has all the markings of an instant iconic hotel. Kelly’s proficiency and fluidity in the language of texture has reached new levels. The best kept secret I have for any design geek is that early birds get the worm in this city on the ocean’s fringe of the great US of A. Walking around barefoot is a sensorial experience in this hotel. Ribbed oak flooring, plush saffron shags, honed and leathered checkered tiles..I’m not an airhead eccentric so much as a tactile epicurean. The accolades on this one will be deep, fast and forever. She needn’t take a bow, we mortals of the design world just need to genuflect. Again.