Let me introduce you to my bliving room

Sep 4, 2019 | PLACE

Let me introduce you to my bliving room. That’s right. You heard it here first folks. After my walk in closet with a window was stolen from underneath me because my partner chooses to stand up to have a shower (have you EVAH heard) I gilded the silver lined lily of not needing to partition off this room with a wall behind which a toilet would be housed…and made my first Bath-Living Room. The wall on the left will take my 17thc Flemish Tapestry which will hang behind…you guessed it..the bath. Because of course why not. The right wall will take a 72” console vanity. In between we have room for a sofa (curved?) or two chairs (swivel?) to lounge in my fluffy bamboo cotton robe in front of the fire. The coffee table need only be as wide as the future silver tumblers on it for the single malt liquor stashed next to my cotton balls.