Wouldn’t you know yours truly has made a Joni Mitchell splash in Luxe Mag.

Being a centerfold at my age is harrowing but I will give you all the tiny ways to get through it: first, put lots of clothes on; secondly choose mostly black; thirdly have a nice editor to put the black clothes on a black background; fourth close your eyes: mystery is one thing but the stretched lids make you look rested and youthful which brings me to fifth, while you are at it, read the article eyes wide shut.

All that good info aside, the author of said piece has managed to hand in a portrait in words. It takes a great interviewer to coax intelligent morsels out of a person who is known to run her mouth nearly as fast as her mind gets away from her. Beka Shane Denter has distilled and disseminated me in a way that when her mirror was held up in print for all to see and I looked into it..I liked it. No, I loved it.

Loving oneself is a blood sport no matter what, where and when and so to Beka I say thank you friend and acolyte: my hug is as warm as the heart you uplifted. There are a lot of shout outs in the piece and so I hope you all get an issue!