Designers are a strange lot and more often than not really get lost down the rabbit hole of all things shapely. We like it there. Rhythm and balance, structure and texture, color and volume, these are the ways and windows of our minds. The opportunity to create something unique is our goal post, but the ability to see it produced is our nirvana. Enter my staircase. Our home is high and narrow so my vision was to make the staircase connect all floors without overloading the space. I moved them to the center of the home and made them wider in both the treads and landings. Stairwells to me are the lungs of the home: they are not space eaters they are space givers and as such should be considered with great delicacy.

Staying firmly on concept I wished to customize spindles out of steel in reference to the historically industrial neighborhood I live in. Arches and curved walls have softened the rigid geometry of the red brick WW1 we find ourselves. I wanted to integrate curves into the spindle design while adhering to the industrial masculinity and historical simplicity. I felt I couldn’t make do with straight-off the shelf spindles when I knew metal workers who just dream of being let loose to show their talent off. I also wanted to add brass balls…because heck, if you have them, flaunt them. One of my millworkers once said to me that creating stairs was a black magic. Where math and beauty have the darnedest time collaborating efficiently. Angles, pitches, codes..these elements work against you. Rhythm, shape and color..they work for you. When it all comes together..this is the hole I hibernate in. On the soft underbelly fur of mother rabbit.