A big part of my journey is meeting clients who fully embrace the process of design. The process makes the perfect. This longest of phases is a whisper and a wail, a full throated siren call to the gleaming jagged rock that can easily shred our destiny into a million pieces of lost orders, missed opportunity, wrong assumptions, half hearted direction, broken trust. A home reborn takes careful gestation, an organic pathway to completion that I explain as mulching, moulding, made. To mulch is to fertilize a land, feed an idea, grow a place. To mould is to make a form, guide the hands, draw a home. Clients that strike a pose in front of a polished black Cambrian slab just like that…those are the ones who bring us happiness, push us to excel and ultimately to strive for the real Graal: an invitation back to the home we built together, to sit in their single malt swilling lounge chairs by the fire within their cork and gold clad walls, to raise a glass and share a laugh at the demanding journey that ended IN their dream.