See? You only need to ask once

Dec 9, 2018 | PROJECTS

The Clarendon’s “Moules Frites and Makeout” snug pub where last night some very tired parents (Ottawa euphemism for hungover) had a smorgasbord of meatballs, braised beef, lamb skewers and trout, mushroom demi poutine, fried cauliflower, scotch egg, tomato flatbread and water. The owner indulged my longing for a finished fifth wall and allowed me to put wallpaper on the ceiling. There is one detail that is still missing but hopefully will be added one day: the banquette backs were supposed to be held up by black leather belts with brass buckles and hooks. I love the warm and embracing honey tones of the oak. The panel sizes were decided according to the height and width of the walls in the main Dining Room. I came up with the idea of this nook as a friend of mine said that it was difficult for her to find a cozy corner where she could have an intimate dinner with her hubby. See? You only need to ask once.