That’s me trying to keep it together in the presence of greatness within the walls she created and layered to the level of her exquisite iconic perfection. When I heard my son Orion was coming home from back-to-back deployments in the Middle East and South Seas I booked a flight with his sister the very day. I asked him where we should stay and he had only one name: the Santa Monica Proper. I had stayed there with him the last time we saw each other nearly two years ago when it just opened. He vividly remembered the soft pillows. I wrote about this hotel in a few posts then but the secret is very much out. To me this place is a teachable moment. In scale, in texture, in imagination. With incongruous pairings and inimitable flair, the sublime earthy palette envelops and cocoons, inviting one to stay within and make this place the main event…which in Los Angeles is no mere feat. And before you ask, no, I did not tell her I was a designer, yes, I did call her my idol, no, I could not string a sentence together and yes, those are tears in my eyes.