The Bliving Room

Feb 17, 2021 | PLACE

Every corner is important in a home. Those who have four are lucky. Those who have more are blessed. Those who have none are deserved of some. I am in the business of making these lost spaces count. Cherish them. Comfort them. Create them. This particular corner has saved a piece of my soul this year. It is one of my four Bliving Room corners. For those who joined me in the last few months, my neologism is in fact a compound of Bath and Living Room. A bath for me is synonymous with sanctuary. Hot water melts away my worries. Salt strips my sore muscles of aches. Bubbles buoy my spirits. Floating makes me believe in the lightness of my body and a lighter body makes my Being believe it can fly. In the past months I have slowly layered this room. Slowly for economical reasons. First came the Romeo and Juliette balcony railings inspired by the turn of the century wrought iron bridges down the road. Then came the soft pooling linen curtains and verdegris columns on carved limestone pedestals. I am working on producing my own designed mantelpiece with what most of us use as rock landscape steps. There are more touches to come. Plaster and wallpaper, glass shelves and brick walls.. but I have time to dream and visualize while I self soothe in this private oasis of mine, my quiet contemplative corner, from where I wish you all peace on earth, calm of mind and a happy heart.