To me my bathroom has become a sanctuary.

Sep 8, 2018 | PLACE

Bathrooms are the unsung heroes of our homes and no matter the level of our own vanity we are in them several times a day for various lengths of time. To me my bathroom has become a sanctuary. It is the room where I regain serenity and solace in solitude. A small bathroom does not need to be looked over, I would venture to say it needs more attention to detail than larger ones. To my workers chagrin and chuckles I often muse aloud that a mark of a great designer is the ability to put really big objects into small spaces and make the…room feel larger for it. Many years ago when I designed in Miami and google was at its inception, I found a couple of driftwood scavengers and asked them to make their first very large mirror that I hung in bballer Raja Bell’s (Phoenix Suns when our Steve Nash was there) Dining Room. I found them again for this project and asked them for two forty inch round mirrors which I flanked with Barbara Barry’s “cuff” sconces in silk shades. Luxury most always needs to countered by reason and I always than the IKEA heavens for introducing great design at minimal prices. It just takes a few great touches, say great shoes, to make a cheap dress look expensive. I also love playing with styles: juxtaposition of glamour and glitz with down to earth organic elements is not often visited enough. Surprise surprise opposites not only attract but look attractive together. One of my trademarks for the past 20 years has been tiling bathrooms from floor to ceiling. This avoids the cheapening nemesis to good design: the schluter edge. Another European trick and acquired lifestyle habit for small spaces, is to marry bath with shower. In Europe we grow up showering in the bath. It has always worked for me and is going to be the great compromise in my relationship and next house. Bathing here was akin to walking in a forest. Floating in this deep soaker transported me, held me up, encapsulated me in warmth and silence. Bliss.