Breakthrough Covid cases happen and not all of them are as pretty as “a bad cold” or this insomnia produced triptych. I am double vaxxed and will pull through. The theme in the above image is “what our home is still missing”. If you think designers’ homes are assuredly as finished as cobblers’ kids are sheathed in good shoes: bang on. You’re right. They’re not. And so on the worst night when I was staying awake to make sure my breath didn’t get any more shallow, self monitoring in the aloneness that malady brings about, I decided to mentally move from room to familiar room and layer our home with the finishing touches it needs to be fully expressed in all its’ tribal organic glory.

The takeaway here is not only not to fret when the trades and designers leave your home, but to let it exist for a while. In the repose and silence of settled dust a slow awakening of your own self will emerge to paint those last corners with light through love, taste through tribulation. Your home can only be your home with your idiosyncrasies. Apparently mine needs to be filled with clay and disco. Stay well. Stay sane. See you on the flip side of your unfinished homes.