Libertine Librarian, The Clarendon

Spring 2018

The Clarendon’s design was inspired by the owner’s wishes to bring an upscale snug pub to a hip and savvy crowd in the historical heart of Ottawa. Green was quickly chosen as the lead colour inspired from the turn-of-the-century French butcher shop tiles, a nod to the past echoed in the tapestry wallpaper more often seen in upscale Parisian boudoirs. The remodel was extensive as all surfaces were brought down to the studs and the space was redistributed to best serve a more organic flow between the front and the back. The concept was cheekily called “The Libertine Librarian” and is accessorized accordingly with library lights reminiscent of all- nighters pulled in said sacred spaces across the world. The youthful twist and most adored pieces are the candy-like vintage lamps, all sourced locally, with beautifully designed parchment tiered shades out of Oregon. Bringing in moss green velvets and felts as well as ox-blood leathers and tortoise rattan give the Clarendon the undeniable warmth of a cozy corner where open-mike Thursdays and board game Fridays appeal to an all ages clientele who seek trusted tavern fare with a twist in a luscious Old World setting with punch. The design birth of The Clarendon was at the heart of Henrietta’s “Restaurateurs and Relationships” story in Luxe Ottawa’s Magazine Winter 2018 Edition.