The Batcave

Spring 2017 – Winter 2017

Casual vibe meets classic lines in what began as a “paint the kitchen cupboards black” edict, but quickly evolved into a full-house makeover including a complete kitchen re-do, a “stair-lift”, new wiring and lighting, new doors and hardware, a total paint and stain job on all surfaces as well as all furnishings and art curating. The result landed on Luxe Magazine’s cover in 2018 and seen over one million times on social media around the world. This project was a very close collaboration between client and designer and stretched both their comfort zones. Dark grey walls and ceilings were coupled with high gloss black floors and cabinets lending the skin of this home a definite masculinity which was adroitly tempered by layering in whites in carpets and wallpaper. Geometrical patterns were chosen to reflect the owner’s mathematical mind, while art took center stage to express his well-rounded epicurean tastes. The Batcave is a great example of a successful “Hi and Lo” mix: it takes research and savvy to pull this off. Unique finds and luxurious pieces co-mingle with budget friendly furnishings and objects without bringing the glamour quotient down.