Cloud Nine

Autumn 2017- Winter 2018

This apartment had belonged to a beloved iconic Canadian pop star before getting snapped up by a savvy client who asked for Southam to transform it into a softly layered meditative space. The colours of a changing sky were chosen to bring the spectacular view in and make the space soar above the city. The kitchen was redesigned, a closet was added in the entry, and both bathrooms were refurbished. The master bedroom and breakfast nook had been on platforms that had to be taken out. The apartment had never truly been finished and Southam polished it to a gleam. Lush materials were sourced to enhance the airiness of the space while their organic nature ground it. Grass and silk, linen and oak, velvet and sheepskin, soapstone and silver ore were deftly combined and carefully chosen to enhance the elements of water and air that surreptitiously surround this home with their peaceful literal presence. The challenge of designing an apartment with a governing body of condominium owners overlooking a reconstruction that needs to be funnelled through one elevator is not for the faint hearted. One of Southam’s strengths is her relationship with, and access to, recognized contractors with long standing successful track records of managing complex job sites. The story of how “Cloud Nine” came about and why Henrietta considers it one of her most subtle and personal work to date, took center stage in Luxe Magazine’s 2019 Spring Issue.